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Color Their Opinions - 5 Reasons to Embrace Signature Color (Now)

It's no secret that adding the right colors to your wardrobe can instantly brighten your face and make you look younger and healthier. Most women already know that popping on a flattering lipstick can do wonders, even if no other makeup is involved, and whenever I come across a makeover show on TV or read about the do's and don'ts of dressing "at a certain age," a stylist is there to warn against wearing harsh black near your face. 

But wait! There's more!

Even if black is a flattering color on your Snow White complexion - and even if you can get away with almost any color in the rainbow - sticking to a few signature colors can still be a killer tool in your tool belt o' life. 

Color is Emotional

There's a reason that colors are used to describe emotions and attributes - "feeling blue" or "green with envy." Although individual reactions to color are shaped by unique experiences with each color, studies show that people base "up to 90% of snap judgements" about products on color alone. When it comes to branding, the most success is found when color is used to support the personality you portray - use of color that "doesn't fit" the brand actually makes people dislike the brand! 

If you use the wrong colors, it can instantly turn people off - but using the right colors for you will help people tap into your vibe quickly (i.e. make an accurate snap judgement about you) and instantly feel more positive about your honesty and authenticity as a person.

Emotions are Memorable

The science is in, and it shows that emotions make the memory last - positive and negative emotions stimulate a part of the brain and signal it to record as much information as possible and keep it handy for instant recall. In generating an emotional response, color also stimulates the memory and allows you to make a lasting impression - especially to those who especially like or dislike you. 

Wearing your most ideal, signature colors not only helps people understand who you are, it also helps them remember who you are - which helps YOU by actively creating synergy between like-minded people (and conveniently repelling those who would drive you crazy). 

Memorable is Special

Have you ever forgotten what you were about to say, only to conclude that "it must not have been very important"? Well, it works both ways! When people remember you clearly and vividly, it means that you stood out, made an impression, and did something differently than the rest.

... and in a world which constantly bombards us with images and texts and messages, it's invaluable to be different. And remembered. And liked. 

Special is Better

A diamond in the rough. One in a million. Million Dollar Baby. Once in a lifetime opportunity. The last unicorn.

Generally speaking, unique value translates into increased value. Granted, you do have to possess some inherent value to begin with (the world's most unique toenail clipping still isn't very valuable to most people), but having a truly unique and special influence on the world instantly makes you rare, exclusive, and in shorter supply than demand. 

And who doesn't want to be in demand? Whether we are dating, networking, prospecting, or socializing, we all hope that the people we like will seek us out. With urgency. Because supplies are limited and this offer ends at midnight.

Color Can Be Controlled

Working backward through this article, we see that representative colors:

  • Communicate who you are
  • Help people remember you
  • Emphasize your uniqueness
  • Augment your perceived value

But the best thing about wearing signature colors is that YOU get to choose them! We aren't born with biologically-determined plumage to telegraph the inner workings of our souls. We get to focus on those attributes that we really want to celebrate - the things that we love about ourselves and bring us closer to who we really want to be. 

The key is choice - to let go of the colors and symbols and bells and whistles that truly are superficial - that simply water down our uniqueness! - and choose only things that make our true selves more concentrated, potent, and powerful.