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Catching Rae

Amenable Mystery

Occasion: Business Meetings
Dress Code: Creative Casual
Outdoor Temps: 84°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Miss Posh juniors denim jacket (Savers), Haute Hippie cowl back top (Nordstrom), Forever 21 twist skirt (Forever 21), Brahmin flap bag (Ebay), Tsubo wedge sandals (Ebay), Kate Spade aviators (flea market), Slavic amber necklace (local street fair).

I have a pretty serious love-hate relationships with denim jackets. I've bought and donated a metric ton of them over the years, loving them at first for the fit and comfort but eventually souring on the classic Americana girl-next-door feel (Dawson's Creek was not my angst). And yet here I am again, trying to get the denim jacket right for me

This jacket was $8 at a local thrift store, so this is a low-cost experiment. I was drawn to the super cropped length (which is at once more unusual and more flattering for my body than a classic hip-length style) as well as the closely-placed snap closures (which are also unusual and remind me of WWII era airplane rivets). With those things in mind, I decided to do my best to treat this jacket as a reference its original ties to hard work and industry - like cowboys, railroad engineers, and miners. 

With a day of casual meetings ahead of me, I hauled out my new(ish) denim jacket and decided to combine its hard-workin'-wild-western-gold-prospectin' vibe with two draped pieces and an amber mosaic pendant that feel relaxed, upscale, and mysterious. To me, this tension says, "I have a secret diamond mine, and I wield the pickaxe myself." ;)

I've always felt that casual and business casual outfits are the most difficult to achieve, because you have less rules and guidelines to work within - but if you always start with a style statement that is meaningful to you and says the right things to the people on you VIP list for the day, the rest will fall in line. 

Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!