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Display Case - 3 Tips for Wearing a Statement Necklace

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 75°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Max Mara Weekend linen jacket, Heather by Bordeaux Tee, Trina Turk skirt, Kate Spade sunnies, Brahmin saddlebag, Rockport pumps, handmade amulet by my friend Angie.

Sometimes an entire outfit is born from the desire to wear and celebrate one single piece - and today that piece is this crazy cool silver amulet that my friend made when she was in jewelry design school! I kinda can't believe she let me have this, and that means I have to wear it proudly.

Inspired by the abstract, clean, geometric design, I wanted to keep the outfit simple yet artistic - and still appropriate for a hot summer's day at work helping a client pack for a trip. The v-neck tee has the perfect neckline to draw attention to the pendant and let it be the star - plus it's the designer's favorite color! The cropped jacket is unlined and neutral, so it was a great basic piece to throw on for air conditioning, and the draped skirt reflects the pendant's mix of linear and curved elements while still feeling breezy on a warm day. 

When wearing statement jewelry like this, here are a couple of easy tips to remember:

  • Make an "OK" gesture with your thumb and index finger - and keep the pendant no larger than the resulting circle. This will make sure your jewelry is proportionate to your body and doesn't wear you
  • Make sure the pendant is centered near your breastbone so that the position of the necklace looks balanced and draws attention to your face. 
  • Choose a top with a neckline that fully clears (sits either above of below) the pendant/focal point of the necklace. A necklace that "fights" with your blouse will project all kinds of negative vibes like disorganization, conflict, stress, and poor planning.

The position of your jewelry can also be affected by your waistline, the length of your arms, and your jaw. If you often have trouble with jewelry that never seems to hang right or always seems to draw attention to your least favorite features, it will help to adjust the piece to one of your ideal measurements (a super cool service I provide which involves measuring your skeleton!). 

Angie, thank you times infinity for letting me wear your gorgeous necklace - I have big plans to wear this baby all year round! XOXO