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Catching Rae

High Summer Hero: Unlined Tencel Blazer at Talbots

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 68°F, breezy
Activity Level: High
Wearing: unbranded navy tee (Women Helping Women quarterly sale), Iacucci calf hair bag (flea market in Rome), Talbots Denim Blazer (Talbots), vintage belt (street fair), AG Petite Belle Flare jeans (Nordstrom Rack), Report booties (not shown), Saturno enamel pendant (Florence). 

You know when it gets HOT outside, but you still need to cover your arms because of the sun/grocery store air conditioning/dress code/creepy people eyeballing you on the sidewalk? And you know when you also need to look a little more buttoned up than normal? Enter the unlined blazer!

They are hard to find. People want to put polyester linings in eeeeeverything, because it helps the jacket slip over sleeves. But in SoCal, there are many days when you can't stand to wear sleeves. Unlined blazers are far more comfortable over sleeveless tops, provide more ventilation, and look more structured and powerful than a cardigan. 

I was out purchasing this blazer for a client, and I couldn't help but purchasing it for myself! My client and I plan to wear it to hit the denim-on-denim trend on the weekends, paired with culottes, pencil skirts, wide leg shorts, linen joggers, and breezy dresses. This one is lightweight enough to tie around the waist to participate in the grungy trend as well. 

It's on SALE at Talbots and on their website. It fits pretty true to size - I am wearing PP, and my 5'7" client is in the M. 

It's still June Gloom all the way where I am, but I know I'll be extra glad to have this jacket from July through November. If you don't like this one but want to find something similar, search for terms like unlined, tencel, linen blend, lightweight, rayon, or even jersey