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Poolside Patriot

On the heels of yesterday's Smart Casual outfit, I wanted to talk a bit about the inevitable 4th of July pool parties. Depending on who is throwing them, they can be too "highball" for regular old swim shoes and too "cannon ball" for full-on Resort fashion. Plus, you are still likely to run into family, children, coworkers, or clients on such a family-oriented holiday. My tips:

  • Have a coverup option that approximates a complete outfit - because you never know what might thwart the actual swimming.
  • Remember waterproof shoes (I like Crocs or even Valentino jellies).
  • For swimwear, err on the side of modesty, keep bold prints and colors near your favorite features, and try simple and low-contrast pieces elsewhere.
  • Opt for a fab tote for proper storage of your layers.
  • Don't forget sun protection like SPF, sunglasses, and a sun hat!

No pool party for me this 4th, but I hope those of you who are attending one have a glamorous, relaxing, FUN time!