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Catching Rae

Ruby, Opal, Indigo

Occasion: Shopping for rugs and shelving with The Husband
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 82°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: June & Hudson top, Tavernitti SO cutoff bermudas, Tsubo sandals, Deniz Nicole pendant, handmade opal bracelet.

Yesterday's Red, Blue, & BBQ post was all about bringing festivity to a comfortably casual outfit - so today I wanted to tackle a look for those Smart Casual dress codes. 

Smart Casual is sometimes called "Dressy Casual" - it's perfect for events that are centered around relaxation, informality, and closeness... but that urge you to take it up a notch with some polish, respect, and decorum. How to do that?

  • Avoid primary colors - as said in the previous post, they can look cartoonish and a bit twee.
  • Choose dark denim/chambray over pale or faded washes.
  • Look for casual styles in dressy fabrics.
  • OR look for dressy styles in casual fabrics.
  • Opt for more refined shoes and accessories.
  • Skip all gear and obvious workwear.
  • Skip bare necklines and sky-high hemlines.

For this outfit, I paired a silky tank top (casual style in dressy fabric) with indigo bermuda shorts (casual style in dressy fabric with modest hemline), and minimalist accessories. I also love the subtle, vaguely-flag-like nature of the top and the way it moves with the wind. Much dressier than a graphic tee with a flag icon printed on it, right?

With such a dramatic top, I wanted my jewelry to remain low-profile yet meaningful, so I chose a slim opal tennis bracelet and my red-and-blue pyropainted necklace - it's like wearing my very own fireworks show! 

I'll be back with more holiday inspired outfits this week, tackling even more dress codes - see you soon!