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Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day - from Safari Designs and The Neck-Work Expert

It's Take Your Dog to Work Day! This holiday always falls on the Friday following Father's Day, and it was instituted by Pet Sitters International to both celebrate the fantastic companionship we share with our pups and encourage people everywhere to adopt a dog of their very own. It's also the perfect day to share a fantastic new product with you. Three words: bespoke. pet. harnesses. 

Featuring the   Louie, Louie harness  , modeled by Percy and Yvonne Larson,   The Neck-Work Expert ,  styled by Rachel Klewicki

Featuring the Louie, Louie harness, modeled by Percy and Yvonne Larson, The Neck-Work Expertstyled by Rachel Klewicki

Holy canines, Batman! Where has this idea been all these years? Brought to you by Jason Watanabe, founder of Safari Designs, these totally green, totally chic, artisanally crafted and fully customizable harnesses ensure that your furbaby can strut his stuff as a full-fledged member of the family, rocking his accessories just as hard as you do. Doggie model Percy mastered his modelesque pout instantly after relaxing in this "LV" number.

Safari Designs offers ready-made styles for every taste, ranging from rock-n-roll studs to classic monograms. Every piece is designed to fit your pet perfectly using a fool-proof measuring system and repurposed from authentic designer handbags. The bags get a second life, and your furry friend gets an outfit that's actually on par with your lifestyle ('cuz your dog is soooo much cooler than that $8 Halloween tutu, and you know it). 

Featuring the   Blue Gator     harness  , modeled by Molly and Yvonne Larson,    The Neck-Work Expert   ,   styled by Rachel Klewicki

Featuring the Blue Gator harness, modeled by Molly and Yvonne Larson, The Neck-Work Expertstyled by Rachel Klewicki

All Safari Designs harnesses are reinforced with a real leather base and reinforced with heavy stitching to provide strength to safely secure your pet. Edges are bonded with a flexible coating, just like on the handles of your favorite bag, and all safety restraints include high-quality brass hardware and are strengthened with additional leather.

Custom orders can also be made to match any of your favorite accessories - one of Jason's favorite successes has been a harness made to match a pair of Miu Miu shoes. Besides Louis Vuitton, he's been inspired by styles from brands like Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Valentino - you name it! And if you don't want to coordinate with any specific bag, you can still design your very own creation using leather, suede, stingray, or any other leather. Jason also has plans to design special harnesses for cats, so don't hesitate to contact him with any and all of your fur-fashion fantasies. ;)

Featuring the    S     pike     harness  , modeled by Fiona and Yvonne Larson,    The Neck-Work Expert   ,   styled by Rachel Klewicki

Featuring the Spike harness, modeled by Fiona and Yvonne Larson, The Neck-Work Expertstyled by Rachel Klewicki

Best of all, Safari Designs is a local enterprise, designing and crafting out of their atelier right here in Camarillo, California - and they also happily donate 20% of net revenue to, an organization dedicated to making all Los Angeles animal shelters no-kill by the year 2017. Where else can you get such a beautiful, hand-crafted pet product that directly supports your local economy and saves LA dogs and cats? 

And in case you're wondering, all of our fabulous doggie models came out to support Safari Designs with the help of their fur-mama Yvonne - who just happens to be The Neck Work Expert, a genius of a local massage therapist and founder of the Massage Business Academy. Yvonne is a life-long pet lover, and to celebrate their modeling debut they are announcing a very special promotion from their Master-Massage-Momma! Secure you next full body massage by June 30, 2016 and you will receive a 30 minutes BONUS treatment! You will have an ENTIRE half hour of reflexology on your scalp, hands or feet. YOU get to choose! This is an additional value of $55 that will make you FEEL like a MILLION DOLLARS. If you are a first time client, you will ALSO receive a 30% discount of your 90 minute full body massage.

Not to be outdone, I'm celebrating this killer convergence of local style with a special Two-Hour Closet Audit for just $97! That's more than half off when you book with me by July 4th. First-time clients will also receive a FREE Introductory Style Report with personalized guides to help you dress effortlessly every single day!


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