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9 Road Tested Father's Day Gifts

I'm soon to be "out of the office" to celebrate both my sister's birthday and Father's Day - yahoo! But I can't leave without an official Father's Day post, so here are 9 tried-and-true manly favorites that won't end up in the back of the closet. 

Starting clockwise from the top left: 

Scottevest travel shirt - Everyone loves to feel like James Bond with super secret pockets to stow super secret things while traveling. Or, you know, packing some breath mints for the movies. I've owned the trench, and I have their jackets on some men. We love the secure pockets and low-profile designs for when you want to carry extra stuff (but not in a murse or fishing vest).

James Perse crewneck tee - No sports teams. No software logos. Just a clean, basic tee shirt that feels soft like you've owned it for ten years. A step up from a white undershirt without sacrificing comfort. 

Robert Barakett crewneck tee - Similar to the James Perse, but these are thicker and make great stand-alone T-shirts. Comfy, dressy, and no layering required.

Banana Republic two-in-one blazer - This baby looks SO much better in person. It has a great sheen, an interesting and timeless color, and a removable hood. Looked great on multiple guys in the store, and it's available in varied lengths. Perfect upgrade from a windbreaker - practical when you need the hood, sleek and stylish when you don't. 

Nixon watch - I came to know Nixon as a skater/sport brand, but their watches are so darn nice I had to get one for myself, too. I love this gunmetal combo for its stealthy masculine vibe. 

Hartmann Vigor Carry-On Garment Bag - Anyone who has to travel with a suit needs a wheeled garment bag, and multiple clients love this one. The layout inside is like a standard suiter, but the combination of the hard shell, external pocket, and unusually slick looks make it something special. Road-tested over many trips in the car, in the cabin, and checked in the cargo hold. 

AG tailored linen jeans -  The awesomeness of linen pants combined with the effortless style of jeans. Breathable, comfortable, 'nuff said. 

Lee CoolMax Jeans - Got a much more expensive version for The Husband last year, and it's the only way to get him out of shorts from June to November. The CoolMax fibers really do help keep the legs cool, dry, and situationally appropriate when the weather is otherwise too hot for pants. 

Banana Republic Aiden linen pants - these come in a variety of colors including blue plaid and a really nice taupe-y sand. They are a super-soft cotton-linen blend that feels as comfy as pajama pants. They also have a nice slim leg that is easy to dress up and down (psst... I have these on female clients, too!). Note that they run a bit long. 

Have a fun week and a great Father's Day, everyone! 

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