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Catching Rae

The Lime & The Coconut

Occasion: Appointment with client
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 65°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Vintage green jacket (flea market), Madewell linen tank (Madewell, several years old), Banana Republic cream skinnies (BR, several years old), Brahmin saddle bag (Ebay), Report sandals (Amazon). 

For this outfit, I needed to be very comfortable, able to move freely, and also just casual enough for the occasion. It was a very gray and overcast day, so I wanted to wear my recently-thrifted lime green cotton jacket. I used to have an anorak in exactly this color, but I outgrew the style. Whenever I wear this color, I have to be careful not to style it too bright or too young. 

Similar to my recent orange shirt outfit, I paired this bright hue with neutrals that are less bright and less saturated. Even though my linen tank is technically a bright, optic white, the texture and construction make it wear like a softer color - the very slight sheerness of the top allows some of my skin tone to show through, and the nubby texture reduces the amount of light reflected. Pairing the look with cream jeans instead of white softens the look further. 

If you have some gray in your hair, or if you are older and the pigment in your skin has softened a bit, a color this bright may feel harsh near your face. You can mitigate this by swapping the white tank out for gray or taupe, or you can also wear brights away from the face.

I could have finished the outfit with some nude booties, but I wanted to dress up just a touch more, so I added my dainty Report sandals. Adding black to this very light-colored outfit works for me because I have very dark hair, which will always balance dark shoes. If you have very light hair, you can either stick with lighter shoes or add another black accessory like the black bag. 

It's also dangerous to pair black shoes with white jeans, because of the leg-shortening effect it can have (especially when you are like me and don't have leg real estate to spare). The very open look of these sandals mitigated that effect by allowing plenty of my foot to show through and continue the beige-y leg line of the jeans. 

As we move through Spring and toward June gloom, lime green (a.k.a. "spring" green!) can be a really great way to achieve a cheerful and lighthearted feeling in the face of cooler temperatures and cloudy skies. It also looks wonderful with light wash denim, khaki, gray, taupe, sand, nude, turquoise/teal... and if one lonely lime piece is not enough color for you, you might even try pairing it with coral!

Happy Friday, everyone! And may your upcoming weekend be bright. ;)