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Not Your Mother's Mom Jewelry... Um, YKWIM

Etsy roundup of some unique (and actually pretty) mom-themed jewelry today! Shown clockwise from top left, click through the image for links.

Replicating DNA necklace - This is totally my favorite of the bunch... it's subtly nerdy in the best way. And really, what's more complimentary than celebrating the fact that you inherited your mama's fabulous genes? Perfect for quirky and intellectual personalities.

Sterling or 14K gold custom bangle set - I love this set because I want one even though I'd have to fill it with the birth stones of my cats. The hammered gold and faceted stones combine for a striking, natural-yet-polished effect that would compliment beachy, edgy, and classically-inspired styles. 

Natural birthstone stone cuff - An even more earthy take on birthstone jewelry. I'm really digging the rough settings and raw gemstones used here. I'm picturing these with architectural, bohemian, and nomadic-inspired outfits. 

Secret Message ball locket - There are a lot of lockets out on the market, but what I love about this one is how plain, simple, and shiny it is - making it easy to dress up or down, and with styles ranging from retro to romantic to futuristic minimalist. You can even have your secret message pre-printed and send the locket straight to mom.

Fetus necklace - Yeah, I know. I can't help but love how literal this one is! Definitely for a fun, outgoing, and quirky mom who won't be too bothered by people wondering if she's expecting again. A tongue-in-cheek riff on the standard "MOM" medallions. 

I am not affiliated with ETSY and will generate no commissions from these links.