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Working Mother's Wish List

Although I'm not a mother myself, I do work with those who are - so this pre-Mothers'-Day week, I'm passing along some wish list items from real ladies in the wild. 

Mobile Office/Briefcase

A couple of my ladies want to graduate to something more than a tote - but they still don't want to lug around some ballistic nylon monstrosity designed for urban warfare.

The Dasein Rolled Handle Bag (top left) has a slim profile for a woman looking for something that  that can fit a tablet, bluetooth keyboard, notepad, wallet and a few manilla files while still maintaining a slim profile. This one is faux leather, and the brand has great reviews. 

The Dagne Dover Perfect Tote (left center) is being eyeballed by a restaurant manager who has different needs for different days. She loves that the coated cotton fabrication of this bag looks chic, is lightweight, and not at all like a diaper bag, so it feels 100% hers

The McKlein convertible briefcase (bottom left) has been seen in things like Skymall, and it is for my gal who needs to take her entire office with her wherever she goes, whether that be a co-working space in LA, a business lunch, or across the country. She does not want to pack and unpack a tote/laptop bag/carryon for different occasions. This client has very soft, feminine style and hates dark, utilitarian luggage. She loves this bag's retro styling, Italian leather construction, and ability to convert to and from a wheeled carryon. 

Comfortable Work Shoes

Fewer and fewer women have the patience and pain tolerance for uncomfortable shoes - especially if they have kids at home. I'm always asked about cute comfort shoes that can go to the office. The center column shows a range of different heel heights and styles which have worked for my clients. 

Paul Green (top center) is a client favorite, offering great stability, support, and a nice range of heel heights. Beware the Austrian sizing!

Franco Sarto is an inexpensive brand that has been pretty consistently comfortable... without really meaning to be a comfort brand. This brand is the #1 go-to for one of my ladies who likes to divide her shoe budget across many pairs. The "Darlis" style shown also comes in black, nude, and white, and it has fantastic reviews for it's trendy looks, un-pinching pointed toe, and reasonable heel pitch.

Anyi Lu is a staple for my corporate clients who need to walk. Designed by a woman with a passion for ballroom dancing, this brand very consistently delivers great comfort and high end styling. IMO they tend to run a half size small (I have long toes). 

Dansko has been really solid for my clients who need a specialty comfort shoe - those who spend long hours standing or have foot injuries especially. 

Non-Revealing Bodysuits

When my ladies saw the word "bodysuits" showing up in their emails from different stores, they were excited - finally a way to keep a top tucked in without twisting, riding up, or creating unsightly bunching under a pencil skirt. But wow, is it hard to find one without a plunging neckline, bare back, or inappropriate sheer panels! 

Bebe (top right) has both sleeveless and cold-shoulder wrap styles that have been a major hit. I own the black one shown and have multiple clients in them as well. 

The BCBG one shown (center right) has not been road tested, but it has a nice and modest keyhole detail that is fun without being too revealing. 

Some of my ladies want full coverage - bust and sleeves. This mock neck from Lulu fits the bill at a price point that won't break the bank. 


Now over to you - what's on your Mothers' Day wish list? Every mom is different, so I know there will be a lot of variation based on the age of your kid(s), job, and lifestyle!