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Catching Rae

Slip Dress on the Sly

Occasion: Returns for clients, hair appointment, shopping
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 72°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Theory blazer (Off Saks), Theory "Shiramin" slip dress (flea market), Brahmin saddle bag (Ebay), Bandolino neoprene slingback booties (Women Helping Women Quarterly sale), Hawaiian heritage necklace (gift from my Mom), "K" initial bracelet (flea market vendor). 

I am a total 90s child, so I really really love the idea of slip dresses - but after a certain age, I just don't want to feel like I'm wearing a slip everywhere. So to justify sneaking these bare, nightie-inspired, dresses into my closet, I have to make sure I can style them with a little more coverage than my grunge heroes would have. 

With short, loose dresses like this, I love wearing a long, open blazer. It provides coverage without interfering with the flow of the dress, and it also maintains a little bit of tomboy edge. I don't like slip dresses with cropped jackets as much, since there is no waist to show off - it just brings more attention to the fact that the dress is slinky and un-tailored. 

For footwear, now that there is a lot of jacket in the mix, I gravitate more toward chunky, substantial footwear like these booties. First of all, the larger surface area of the booties helps "ground" the overall look and prevent it from seeming top heavy. It is also a nice callback to the 90s style of the slip dress, since the "slip" part of the dress is now covered up by the blazer. I do have to be careful not to run out the door in my waffle stompers in true 90s fashion, though! The peep-toe sandal boots are a good compromise. The fact that they are made of neoprene and not leather helps keep this look summery as well. 

With the high contrast, graphic nature of the outfit, I felt drawn to understated jewelry. Any time my forearms are exposed, my eye wants to take advantage of the real estate and wear a bracelet - so on went my faux tortoiseshell initial bracelet. I really enjoyed how the addition of brown and gold plays with the green of the dress and warms up the look, so I also wore my Hawaiian Heritage necklace. Mine has the word "love" hidden in the metalwork, but I have also seen versions that say "Aloha" and "Mom" (Mothers' Day gift alert!). 

I did not want to introduce any more colors, so I grabbed my all-black saddle bag and called it a day. I have to say I do enjoy the way the ostrich texture interacted with the abstract dots on my dress!

My hairdresser asked me if I was on my lunch break, so I say this was a successful daytime outing in my slip dress. Stylist by day, wild grunge banshee by night! Or something like that. ;)