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A Style Refresher for Dad!

Now that your Memorial Day vacation is over... what about those Fathers' Day gifts? Sometimes men are less interested in clothing, but they are usually interested in being practical - and keeping a modern closet in good condition (no holes or stains) will help Dad appear more organized, successful, and abreast of modern times (the latter being pretty darn important at work these days).

I recently had the great pleasure of styling a super cool working dad who needed to refresh his wardrobe staples. He has a casual dress code for work, but he and his wife wanted to keep his closet modern, up-to-date, and a little bit more elevated for when they go out on the weekends. The shopping wish list they gave me included:

  • jeans
  • sneakers
  • a new belt
  • a gray suit for an upcoming wedding
  • a couple of casual shirts to replace old ones

This dad enjoys having an easy, go-to "uniform" to mix and match with as little stress as possible, so my goal as his stylist was to 1) replicate the success of previous outfits and 2) add new elements to modernize and dress up his look.

Jeans + Undershirt + Casual Button-Front + Sneakers

This is the skeleton of his daily uniform - which many of you may recognize in your own dads out there! As you can see from the graphic, we didn't mess with this much, because that keeps dressing nice and simple. 

Vintage Wash Straight Leg Jeans > Dark Wash Slim Straight Jeans

My client had a lot of faded and distressed straight leg jeans in rotation. So we tossed the ones that were broken, kept the ones that still looked grungy-cool, and  added two in a darker wash: one with a classic leg and the other with a slim-straight leg. The new jeans add a new element of polish that will be perfect for smart casual date nights. We also added a gray pair to help mix up the look. 

Neutral Plaid Shirts > Detailed Solid Shirts

Another element in the existing wardrobe was a lot of plaid shirts. My client had enough plaid represented, but to keep things from being boring, we added solid shirts with fun-yet-understated details. We found a tencel denim-look shirt with a nice, dressed-up sheen to it as well as a deep khaki camp shirt with sharp-looking pockets. These both can be dressed up with dark jeans or worn casually with the front open and sleeves rolled up.

Plain White Undershirts > Colored Undershirts

The last leap we planned to do was add some colored undershirts to swap out for plain white undershirts. This not only adds some visual appeal and makes the solid colored shirts more interesting, but it also makes it easier to wear button-front shirts open and get some ventilation during the summer. 

Are your dads looking to modernize their looks this year? Are YOU looking to modernize their looks this year? I'd love to hear about any issues you may have encountered (because 'dad jeans' are real).