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Catching Rae

Networking Neutrals

Occasion: Networking Luncheon
Dress Code: Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 68°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Rag & Bone tunic (flea market), Theory Blazer (Off Saks), St. John Caviar pencil skirt (flea market), Arturo Chiang sandals (Ebay), unbranded clutch (gift from my BFF, purchased downtown)

I was recently invited to an excellent networking luncheon with a Business Casual dress code - a bit of a problem, since I've most recently been dressing to roll up my sleeves and dive into my clients' closets. With no time to run out and buy The Perfect Business Casual Wardrobe before my event, I put my thinking cap on to shop my closet. I needed something that not only met the dress code (a much easier task!), but also felt current, seasonally appropriate, and representative of my business. 

I first thought of my sheath dresses, but those are all very dark. I also thought of the pieces from my gray suit, but gray did not feel vibrant enough for this event. Finally, I was drawn to two silk tunics: this chevron print Rag & Bone and a periwinkle blue Clover Canyon. The former ultimately won out because I liked the combination of dynamic lines and neutral color palette - it made me feel intellectual and reliable... yet also fun and a little bold. 

With my main piece picked out, I chose supporting garments that reinforced the tone of the top. I added my basic tapered pencil skirt, which looked really good with the tunic alone. But! I knew I needed a jacket to stay warm. In a perfect world, I would have liked to wear a fitted, cropped blazer (added to my shopping list!), but the collarless, boyfriend cut of the jacket felt appropriately modern when I tucked the silk tunic into my skirt. 

Right now, my only true pumps are black, and that look seemed too heavy and serious for spring. So for my finishing touches, I added bronze sandals and my bronze/gold metallic clutch (which also converts to a crossbody bag). I enjoyed the playful element added by the pattern-mixing, and my feet were also very happy in these shoes for the duration of the event. 

Now that I've chosen to add these types of activities to my life, I will need to set aside time to re-evaluate my closet and recreate a business casual capsule. I have a lot to work with and use as a great foundation, but rounding it out with important pieces like a cropped blazer will definitely help me get dressed on the fly with more options - and without having to do so much adjusting. 

And that is how a new capsule is born! I'm looking forward to scouting some new pieces as time goes on (and reporting back here, of course).