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Signature Citron

Back when I had much more time to interact with the Internet,  I was introduced to the color Citron by way of Angie Cox's amazing youlookfab forum. I had never before encountered this particular shade of yellow - not butter yellow, and not mustard yellow, but with a bit of lime green mixed in and a delightfully acidic presence. I have since adopted citron as one of my go-to brights, even though I have not had many citron pieces in recent rotation. 

The thing about having signature colors? Although they make dressing easier by limiting my color palette, they aren't always in style and available on store racks - and even when the right colors are on offer, they aren't always manifested in the right styles for my body and soul. So when I happen to out-grow, evolve away from, or simply wear out items in my signature colors, I sometimes have to wait a very long wait to replace them. 

In the case of my new Doma jacket, it's replacing the Current and Elliott The Zip moto I had a couple of years ago. The latter style  got passed on when I tired of the cropped, high-necked fit, and I have been patiently scouring Ebay ever since. This jacket is a little more lemony and less lime-y, but I love its double zip detailing, slim fit, and v-neckline. 

In previous posts, I paired my brights with lightened colors (colors that have white added, like washed denim). Today I went the opposite route and paired the bright yellow jacket with darkened colors (hues that have black added). Using dark pieces with a bit of texture - the vintage washed tee shirt fabric and the snakeskin booties, for example - softens the overall effect of the outfit further. In both cases, the idea is to avoid other saturated, pure colors... aside from the neon nails, of course. 

Limiting yourself to a few signature colors can sometimes feel... limiting. It can make the shopping process much longer and delay gratification. But for my lifestyle, I prefer the focus and direction that this limitation provides, because I don't have to re-invent the (color) wheel every single day. I still experiment with different colors here and there, but my signature colors - much like a signature scent - provide a reliable touch that always feel like me