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Custom Printing Review: Photo Socks from Bags of Love

Yes, that's my client's cat. And yes, we totally made her wear a tiara so we could put her picture on clothes. 

Stock image from Bags of Love

Stock image from Bags of Love

It all started with a quest to re-create the classic Anya Hindmarch style photo tote (shown here) using a personalized photo. My client has always enjoyed this style and has owned an Anya Hindmarch in the past. There were even several vintage ones on Ebay that she considered - but she also wanted a bag immortalizing The Sweetest Cat in the Known Universe. Since one photo print bag is usually enough, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and have a similar bag made with a custom photo. 

Since brands like Christopher Kane and Mary Katranzou made allover digital prints popular, there are now plenty of websites that offer custom photo printing - but most of the bag styles offered look pretty much the same: casual, boxy, and trimmed in black leather. I was finally able to find a Hindmarch-like custom bag style offered at Bags of Love - it looks great, comes in two sizes, can be made using vegan or leather trim, and it prices very reasonably. But before taking the plunge on a bag purchase, we decided to test them out with an order for custom Mothers' Day socks!

After posing the cat in a tiara and monkey hat, we uploaded the photos to Bags of Love and started designing. The socks are offered in different sizes as well as heights, which is nice depending on whether they will be worn with boots or standard shoes. The user interface is very user friendly and easy to understand. It offers lots of layout options allowing you to tile, collage, rotate, drag, and stretch images so that they are perfectly positioned on the item - no awkward cropping on the end product. 

The socks were ready very quickly and were received on time, packaged neatly with care instructions. The print quality looks fantastic, with very rich, saturated, true-to-life photo quality. The fabric of the socks feels like a very soft nylon knit, much more like a dress sock than a tube sock (which no doubt helps the richness of the image). My client and I were both delighted!

The one minor hiccup probably stems from the fact that the company is based in the UK. Bags of Love was running a promotion stating "Buy one add one free," but only one pair of socks arrived in our order. It was difficult to chat with or call the company because of the time difference, but we ultimately discovered the misunderstanding. From the wording, we thought Bags of Love would add a duplicate pair to the shipment, but Bags of Love intended for us to add a second, completely different pair to the shopping cart. It was actually a better deal than we thought, seeing as how we could have received two unique styles, but the wording did not make that clear. The company ultimately did send out a second pair of socks for free, however it did take some time to convince them that they shared responsibility for the error. 

Overall, it was a very good experience, and the product came out better than expected. We will probably still use them to make our custom bag, and they also offer tons of other printed items such as dresses, towels, shirts, and accessories. Right now, they are also offering "3 for 2" promotions on several items - just remember to add three to your cart before ordering!

I am not affiliated with Bags of Love, received no special discounts, and will not generate any commission from their sales.