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Catching Rae

Tulip Stems with Orange Zest

Occasion: Client appointments, photo shoot styling
Dress Code: Artsy Business
Outdoor Temps: 70°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: J. Crew blazer (flea market), Haute Hippie cowl back top (Nordstrom), totally random cropped tulip flares (Ebay), Arturo Chiang wedges (Ebay), Brahmin bag (Ebay), Alexis Bittar cuff (flea market), Madewell cat pendant (Madewell). 

Ha ha! Cropped flares are finally mine! And this time they're really mine, not just I'm-testing-this-out-on-a-$1-flare-I-don't-care-about mine. 

There I was, minding my own business, refreshing the tracking information on my sandals... and these crazy, tulip-hem crops were staring at me from the sidebar ad. I had completely given up on cropped flares as being hopelessly stumpifying on my little Hawaiian legs, but that curved V detail in the front was just elongating enough to reel me in. I did hesitate or a long time, because these pants had to be ordered from China - but since I couldn't find anything resembling them at all from a US store, I took the plunge.

I didn't realize that they would be stretchy from the description, so I could have sized down (these are XL), but the looser fit actually feels more elegant to me. They are a lightweight stretch crepe that moves and flows nicely.

To dress around these statement pants, I kept the rest of my garments classic and subtly curvy. The blazer has a curved hem, and the silk top has both a round neck and a really cool, low draped back. It was too cold outside to take a picture without the jacket, but I'm sure I'll wear the pants and top alone together soon!

The usual advice for crops is to match the shoe to the pant, but in this case, the front of the leg is exposed enough that I really needed to extend my skin color rather than black. In came my new knotty sandals and a years-old cat pendant and Alexis Bittar cuff to balance the gold. Aaaaand, I'm sure you're all sick of seeing my black purse by now, but it's often simply my most functional bag for work appointments.

To top it all off and give things a little zing for spring, I finally used the neon orange Impress manicure I've been hoarding for myself. I'm really digging the shock of color against all the more subdued hues.

Although these pants don't seem to be available domestically - or in larger sizes - a tailor should be able to replicate this detail easily. The tulip hem might be a great solution if you bought into the cropped flare trend and lived to regret it, or if you want to refresh some old bell bottoms.