Subliminal Style
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Catching Rae

Knotty Gingham

Occasion: Picking up repairs from the cobbler, post office, etc.
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 66°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Elizabeth & James blazer, vintage gingham shirt, Express draped mesh skirt, Brahmin bag, Arturo Chiang sandals

Today I got to bust out two of the spring trends I've been biding my time to get my hands on: gingham and knot-work sandals. I've had my eyes peeled since early Spring, and they are mine at last!

The gingham shirt is something I was not willing to spend much money on, because I just don't know how I'll feel about it in years to come. But! I didn't want just any old thing. It had to be sort of dressy, lightweight and breathable, not too stiff or wrinkle-prone, neither too loose nor too fitted, able to stay tucked in, and fairly unembellished. I found this baby with subtle western seaming and pearlized buttons for fifty cents at the swap meet. 

For the knot-work sandals, I had a very vague image of this season's Chloe gladiators in mind. I knew I wanted very thin straps and a nude-for-me (e.g. not the "nude" that works for most people). After plenty of Googling and saved searches on Ebay, these Arturo Chiangs caught my eye. They had my most preferred heel height, the straps I wanted, a bronze color that works well with my skin tone, and the wedge I didn't know I wanted until I saw it. At under $40, it was a done deal. 

I know I'll wear the sandals with everything, but for the gingham shirt, I needed to counteract the inherent lighthearted/picknic-in-the-park feel of the print in order to feel like myself. Gingham is also being shown in lots of edgier cuts and colors this year, so it felt more modern to pair the shirt with muted colors. The draped skirt and boyfriend blazer seemed to add a bit more edge and seriousness. I had planned to pick up my leopard print bag for repair, so I added some tortoiseshell bangles to echo the spotted print... but I forgot the cobbler is closed Mondays, so all I walked away with was some interesting architecture for outfit pics. 

As I said, I don't know how long these trends will keep my interest. They aren't long-held design favorites by any means, but I am enjoying the low-cost experiments immensely. 

Now if only the weather would warm up...