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Catching Rae

Throwback Thursday - 1987

Occasion: Dance Recital
Dress Code: Costume
Outdoor Temps: No idea
Activity Level: High!
Wearing: Black leotard, tulle jumper dress, nude tights, black ballet flats, gold sequined headpiece

Just for fun on a Throwback Thursday! My dad took this pic in "1987-ish," which would make me about four years old. I very clearly remember this dance recital and feeling royally pissed that the girl next to me kept looking at everyone else's feet to figure out the moves. She was ruining everything! LOL. I was a very. serious. child. 

It's fun to look back and think of this dress, which I just wore again yesterday with a red slip, studded belt, and chunky slingback mules. I may have grown up to be a tomboy, but I guess a part of me still identifies with the sheer tulle effect. 

And man, you better believe I still love me some dramatic sparkle. 

Thanks, dad, for being my very own pro photographer, and for sending over the old pics of my sister and me! Oh yeah, and for all those years spent watching me dance around like a crazy person... I bet you wouldn't have expected that phase to last as long as it did. o_0