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One and Done - How to get dressed in under a minute when you just don't care.

It's super busy over here this week - driving out to the far reaches of the land to conduct an interview with a super cool woman of style, getting certified in a fantastic new styling service I'm itching to tell you about, and of course hard at work for my existing clients. One of the side effects of being this busy? Sometimes you just can't be bothered to wear something complicated - and yes, as a stylist I think it's important to be real and admit that. 

But "uncomplicated" doesn't have to mean pajamas with Ugg boots! How many times have you grumbled that you "don't care" as you leave the house... only to run into someone important at the market or shrivel inside after catching your reflection at the post office?

To be ready for these days before they arrive, comb through your closet for a moment and pull out a dress for each dress code in your life. Make sure it fits well, has a bit of detail to save you from accessories stress, is a good length to pair with any heel height you own, and flatters your skin tone enough that you'll only need your basic makeup routine.

If you're staring at all your dresses and realizing that none will work this way, here are some fixes you might consider:

  • Hemming to a more versatile length
  • Adding/shortening/tacking up sleeves
  • Hanging the dress with a go-to jacket
  • Hanging a drab-colored dress with a go-to necklace
  • Adding darts or tailoring for better fit

Having your one piece ready will allow you to slip that sucker over your head and be dressed in less than one minute. Because on the days you need this system, half the battle is usually spent scowling at your closet. Pair this with a five-minute face and five-minute hair, and you are out the door in under 15 minutes! 


P.S. If you really really hate dresses - or if you're a dude - this idea also works with a jumpsuit or with unfussy separates hung in the closet together. Although those may slow you down a bit, since we all put our pants on one leg at a time (even stylists).