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Dainty Cage

Clockwise from top left:   Valentino Rockstud   $1045,   Karl Lagerfeld Paris   $139,   Ralph Lauren Madge   $89 ,    Arturo Chiang Jain   $80

Clockwise from top left: Valentino Rockstud $1045, Karl Lagerfeld Paris $139, Ralph Lauren Madge $89, Arturo Chiang Jain $80

Lace up ankles, perforated booties, and knot work are all jumping out at me this season, and the central elements that are common to many of them are a dainty, delicate personality and a cage profile. 

Starting last spring, I became obsessed when both Valentino and Stuart Weitzman came out with gladiators that had very thin, elegant straps. While I'm a fan of chunky shoes, it's not the best for me to have thick straps around my ankles, so I was smitten, but I had to do some hard Googling for a few days before I found my black Report Adelina sandals (now sold out) at a price point I could handle. Thankfully, the style has finally filtered down in full force, and plenty of brands have got it going on. If I needed this style today, I'd totally jump on the Ralph Lauren Madge in gold!

This year, I'm in the same boat trying to find something like the Chloe Knotted Gladiator that won't break the bank - I'm sure the styles will filter down over time, but with California summers starting... erm, now... I'm kind of impatient. :) I have not pulled the trigger yet, but I'm keeping my eye out for thin corded straps, medium to low heels, knotted details, block or wedge heels, and either nude or rainbow coloring. Search terms I'm using are knot, knotted, corded, rope, macrame, strappy. 

And then of course you have The Sandal that is everywhere: the lace up gladiator sandal that ties onto the leg. You won't have any trouble finding this style, but it can be tough to wear without making your legs look odd. While you're out shopping, ensure the longest leg line by looking for:

  • Thin straps
  • Low-contrast coloring (nude, bronze, gold, "nude for you")
  • Strap length that you can tie at the smallest part of the ankle, below the calf muscle, or above the calf muscle without the cord stacking or bunching
  • A slim profile against your leg and foot (baggy gladiators look cheap)
  • If you can wear them comfortably, a small and unobtrusive heel to help extend the leg line. 


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