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Catching Rae

Light & White

Occasion: Client appointment, business workshop, meeting.
Dress Code: Smart Casual/California Business
Outdoor Temps: 70°F-54°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Bebe faux leather jacket, James Perse ribbed tank, Trina Turk draped skirt, Hollywould shoes, Brahmin bag, tiny rhinestone snake pendant I've had forever, Raen sunnies.

I'm in an interesting place with my summer wardrobe right now - I've lost some weight since last year, and while everything still fits and looks decent, so much of my spring/summer closet is now oversized. I'm not always in the mood for oversized. But I still crave a lighter, more breezy look. 

Enter white. Thankfully it's now a year-round neutral (especially in California), and it can instantly brighten up even the blackest blacks. However, the leathery look of my jacket could easily make the outfit feel heavy again, so I was careful to also choose supporting items that:

  • showed some skin (scoop neckline, open toes, bare legs)
  • didn't add bulk (lightweight tank, flowy skirt)
  • had a bit of sheen (shiny glasses, sandals, necklace, toenail polish, and skirt)
  • added delicacy (thin necklace chain, dainty sandal straps, small hardware on bag)

I am excited for an excuse to refresh some of my summer pieces like cropped pants, culottes, shorts, and a linen blazer - but I'm also grateful to be able to squeeze longevity and versatility out of my dark colors. This will enable me to be picky and avoid! panic! shopping!

Cuz I just hate that moment when I realize I actually want item G but blew all my wardrobe budget waaaaay back on item A. And then that moment when I keep fidgeting with item A, knowing it isn't perfect. And then that other moment when I start to fantasize about how I could DIY item A into Franken-item G. And so on... o_0