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Work Appropriate White Statement Shirts

White (and banker blue!) statement shirts are such a huge trend right now, but they can easily get too big, dramatic, sexy, or exposed for normal day-to-day life at the workplace. Here are a few I found that have enough detail to make them special - while still covering your midriff and stuff. 

Clockwise from top left (click image for Polyvore with store links):

ASOS D-ring tunic - this one has bare shoulders, but the tunic length and D-ring detail are subtly edgy while providing some extra coverage in the hip and rear.

DKNY Zip Collar shirt - such a small detail, which makes it fly nicely under the radar. Since the detail is on the neck, it can also layer easily and will take you into F/W under a crewneck sweater.

Brooks Brothers Ruffle Neck blouse - For those who are feminine rather than edgy. Also great for a long neck or for those who like some additional neck coverage. Link goes to the Petite version, but it also comes in regular.

Lafayette 148 New York - This seamed shirt is great for drawing attention to a slim waist since all the seams converge in the middle. Another subtle style that wont make you feel costumed. Lafayette also has some great styles with sheer sleeves and a more dramatic peplum for those who may work in a creative place. 

I'm Your Shirt Artist shirt - I'm Your Shirt only does statement shirts and shirt dresses, and they're available in a selection of colors as well (including white, although there is no stock photo). Also check out the Confused and Princess styles.

NLST Convertible Blouse - Some offices may not understand this one and leave you fending off well-meant suggestions to "fix" your shirt, but if your workplace is on the hip/modern/young side, it's a nice, subtle detail. Wear this one untucked.

Anne Fontaine (both of the last two images) - Anne Fontaine gets two spots here, because this brand has always embraced the white statement shirt. In fact, they have an entire section on their site dedicated to white shirts with fabulous details. These shirts are impeccably made and last a very long time.