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Shorts Circuting - When the trends run too darn short.

"Shorts" search results on

"Shorts" search results on

So. This is what you get when you search for "shorts" online these days. Pages and pages and pages of really short shorts (I had to scroll for days before running across some really edgy, really expensive, baggy basketball shorts). This selection is great if you a) can find a pair that flatters your legs and b) enjoy showing that much leg in the first place. Some people, however, may be imagining an uncomfortably hot, shorts-less summer right about now. Before the temperatures really skyrocket, I thought I'd share some of my work-arounds.

Bermuda/Walk shorts

Shorts with more coverage are out there, but you have to ask for them by name: bermudas or walk shorts. These specifications will help you get more relevant results when you search online. My long time favorites are these Vince Side Buckle Bermudas, which the brand brings back year after year. Vince cleverly tapers the legs of the shorts to create a nice, elongating leg line. Many ladies will find that these are actually long enough to cover the kneecap as well.

Other brands with longer length walk shorts on offer are James Perse, Seven, and Banana RepublicTalbots even offers several different lengths of bermudas to accommodate ladies with longer femurs. You can also have a tailor taper the legs of wider-legged bermuda shorts that fit you well otherwise. 





Boyfriend Shorts

While plenty of boyfriend shorts out there are still micro mini, some boyfriend shorts can be a great way to achieve a more modest look by combining a slightly longer length with a looser fit. For BF fits on the longer side, try American Eagle (two lengths available), Kut, True Religion, and Gap. Look for a style long enough to camouflage problem areas on the inner thighs, and do a sit test in them to make sure they don't get stuck on your thighs when you sit down. 

My personal favorites go back to the roots of the boyfriend style: cut-off jeans from the men's section. I have some made by Abercrombie as well as Cult of Individuality. If you want to try this route, look for a men's style with a low rise to avoid crotch fit weirdness and choose a waist size based on your hip measurement.

Another strategy is to buy oversized women's straight-legs to hack off at the perfect length for you. If you try this with women's jeans, remember NOT to use fitted skinnies, which will hug too tightly and create an unsightly sausage-thigh effect.



Wide-Leg Shorts

Wide leg shorts can be another great solution, but they are on the edgier side - and as such, they are naturally a little bit harder to wear. Many women don't want to add the extra volume to their thighs, hips, and rear. However, they can be flattering with the correct fit.

Treat these shorts almost as if they were skirts: make sure the waistband sits above your hips and tapers toward the waist, choose a longer inseam to elongate the leg, choose a size/shape that just skims over problem areas like saddlebags without adding more bulk, and look for a hemline that hits at a narrow part of the leg. Wear them with low contrast shoes and/or low heeled sandals - or high heels, if you're edgy! - to offset the volume. 

The pictured shorts are by Frame Denim. I also like this darker wash version by Tommy Hilfiger. More wide leg shorts can be found in denim, jersey (e.g. basketball shorts), and fun fabrics like sequins


What have been your toughest issues when shopping for summer shorts? What strategies and systems have you used to solve those problems?