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Oaklie's Closet

I went down to Orange County this weekend to visit my oldest friend - and lo and behold, her mother runs an amazing business selling new and nearly new baby clothes, shoes, and accessories! With spring in the air - and spring weddings on the horizon (because we know what comes next...) - it's the perfect time to know about this affordable source of baby gear. I'm a lifelong thrift-shopper, and 90% of my wardrobe is pre-owned. You can bet that if I had a kid I'd be all over Oaklie's Closet. 

Oaklie's Closet, a pop-up shop appearing at local swap meets and (soon!) at, started when Dawn Graham began hunting for great deals for her own granddaughter, Oaklie. There were just too many great finds for one baby, and Dawn saw an excellent opportunity to help others benefit from her bargain hunting skills. Now she has created a way for everyone to find the best baby outfits at the best prices - without having to sift through all the worn-out, damaged, or poor-quality items you'd find at a normal thrift store. Dawn is meticulous about only stocking items of excellent quality, attractive design, and pristine condition. In fact, she even goes out of her way to coach her sources in proper price-tagging methods to ensure you end up with hole-free, snag-free clothing.

To give you an idea of the selection, I was excited to see:

  • an amazing Winnie the Pooh embroidered denim jacket
  • Nike and Adidas track suits
  • Dodgers, Lakers, Padres and many more sports outfits
  • rash guards and swim trunks for summer
  • lots of tutus
  • NWT suits and sets for boys and girls
  • Disney!

If you've never considered shopping used before, the benefits of Oaklie's Closet are actually pretty endless:

  • Brand names without the retail markups
  • Going green by reusing items and keeping these cute textiles out of landfills
  • Unique styles you won't find anywhere else
  • Fantastic vintage bloomers (my favorites)!
  • Stretching your budget to build a larger wardrobe (because babies grow fast and puke on everything)
  • Supporting a local business and a truly wonderful woman/family

I have known Dawn and her family since I was in first grade - I remember the birth of her youngest daughter, the premier of The Lion King, many hilariously awesome Thanksgivings camping in the desert, and spending who knows how long hanging out at her house. I always knew I had a second home there. As Women's History Month winds down this week, I'm terribly glad to have gotten the chance to share Oaklie's Closet with you. 

If you have any need for baby clothes, please keep an eye out here at Catching Rae for updates on Oaklie's Closet's flea market appearances, and check back at to get access wherever you may be.