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Catching Rae

Blue Velvet

Occasion: dinner date in KTown, Smashing Pumpkins & Liz Phair concert at The Theater at Ace Hotel
Dress Code: Rock n' Roll
Outdoor Temps: 75°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Raen sunnies, Veda leather jacket, Loveriche dress, Free People bralette, Uniqlo socks, Dr. Martens Marcie boots. 

Ok, so I'm typically a person who likes to rip the tags off of things and wear them immediately, but my Christmas gift from my BFF was just too special to debut on a mundane adventure. It's this fantastic, deep blue velvet swing dress with angled leather spaghetti straps, and it totally makes me think of David Lynch every time I look at it. 

This weekend, I finally got the opportunity to strut my stuff when The Husband took me to see Smashing Pumpkins with Liz Phair at The Theater at Ace Hotel. A "movie palace from the 1920s" hosting Billy Corgan and my very favorite potty-mouthed lo-fi songstress? It couldn't have been more perfect if I'd hallucinated. 

For this momentous occasion, I wanted to give a nod to the 90s without being too literal, so I paired the dress with wedge combat boots, knee socks, and a flocked bralette to peek out of the neckline and provide coverage in the event of dancing. I knew I'd be cold walking to and from the venue, so I added the leather jacket in a modern cut with a minimal collar and hi-lo hem. 

Leather and velvet makes for quite a lot of visual information, so my only accessory for the evening was a teeny little $1, no-brand pendant necklace from the swap meet. But it kinda sorta looks like spikes and kinda sorta looks like a cross, so I figure it worked for the pseudo 90s theme. 

I also decided to go completely handbag-less for the first time in a long while - it just felt too fussy to strap one over the jacket, and the thought of juggling a clutch all night sounded highly annoying. Thankfully, this jacket has nice, roomy pockets that zip securely closed, and I was able to carry my phone, card case, earplugs, lipstick, and hand lotion without issue. 

The show itself was amazeballs. Liz Phair sang my most beloved songs from Exile in Guyville, and James and Jimmy were both there from the Pumpkins. Aside from the fantastically rude snowflakes talking over the music all night in row AA, it was kinda like time traveling. 

Big, fat unicorn hugs and kisses to you again for your wonderful gift, Amanda! You always inspire (and enable) me. <3 <3 <3