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Catching Rae

Romance Done My Way

Occasion: Flea markets, laundry, computer work at home, waiting for the UPS guy
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 88°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Vintage Chinese brand windbreaker, William B. draped tank, Hudson shorts, vintage Classique mules, unbranded camo crossbody, Alexis bittar bangle, Standard Style pearl bangle, vintage unbranded bangle.

Sorry for the crummy indoor photos, but it was just that kinda day... loathe to leave the house for fear of missing the UPS guy... the good news is that I now have a working camera again, which I shall take to the streets for outfit photos posthaste. 

In the mean time, can we talk about this crazy windbreaker? I almost squealed with glee when I saw the weird, butterfly-ish, boob-patch rosettes gracing a nylon rip-stop hoodie. I've always loved Valentino's rosettes, yet the often feel too delicate to me. This garment pairs the sweetness of tulle flowers with the action-packed world of SPORTS. 

With temps here nearing 90 and Valentine's Day approaching, I paired my new windbreaker with a lavender tank, black shorts and shoes for a look that's romance done my way: somewhat hectically, with unexpected twists, distressing, a bit of drama, and probably some physical labor.

Makes sense to me!