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Appreciation vs. Association: How to Avoid Buying Stuff You Won't Wear

I happen to really love soft blues, and they pretty much like me back. I love denim, sky blue, and plenty of saturated tints. I also love saying cerulean

But pinks are much harder for me! Too pale, and I feel like I've gone diaphoretic all over top that's supposed to be white. Too warm and yellow, and I look like all my makeup rubbed off on my clothes. Too sweet a pink, and I kinda feel like a hairy old man wearing a dress (yeah, I guess I'm not a girlie girl). 

But every now and then - like this year! - I end up so. darn. attracted. to pale pinks. They are everywhere. Styled beautifully. Delicate and warm and new. Like magic cotton candy fluff. 

And I still look and feel terrible in it. Even if my skin tone can handle a saturated baby pink, my mind is far more comfortable in a purple-based shade like mauve. 


Association is the feeling when you see a garment or outfit and think, "Hey, that looks like me!" You put it on, and you feel comfortable and confident and just... better somehow. Something about the color, cut, or styling resonates with your authentic self. 


Appreciation is the feeling that can often trick us into buying stuff we will never ever wear. You see a display or a street style pic. You "like" the look. You think you want it for yourself, but after a few months you realize you never wore it out of the house. 

Before you buy, always try a piece on and ask yourself if your attraction is based on Appreciation or Association. If something doesn't feel right, or if you are unsure, it is 100% okay to merely appreciate a great display/fine workmanship/gorgeous design and move on with your life.