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Catching Rae

Une Petite Artistic Flare

Occasion: Dinner for my friends' anniversary
Dress Code: Festive
Outdoor Temps: 50°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Improvd woven leather jacket (sleeves shortened), Leith tunic sweater, AG Petite Belle Flare jeans, Matisse Vixen snake booties

In the past, I had quite the struggle with flared jeans. My husband and I both love what a flared leg does for my figure - the long leg and balanced hip appeals to us both. I'm also super in love with these AG Petite Belle Flare jeans, because - miracle of miracles - AG very thoughtfully raised the knee break as well as the hemline and designed the hemline long enough to allow a petite woman to wear heels! Huzzah! It can be truly tough to find a flared pant with both these features built in, and it was a joy to wear these immediately without alteration. 

However, 70s style just. doesn't. resonate. with me. As much as I appreciate and value la vie bohème, I am at my core a very practical, serious person who loves structure and order. When I wear too bohemian an outfit, I don't feel genuine. 

With that in mind, when I pull on my flared jeans, I love to reach for tops that are dark, edgy, dramatic, artistic - or all of the above. In this case, the black swoop of an angled tunic, tough red leather jacket, and edgy python-textured boots made me feel just right. 

Plenty of people feel quite happy and appropriate donning full bohemian garb, but if you love flared bottoms and want to go a different route, try starting with a very basic dark wash jean or even a flared trouser. These classic bottoms will act as more of a blank slate, allowing your tops to inform your style statement more accurately.