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Catching Rae

Summery Sporty Saffron Suede

Occasion: Personal Shopping for a client, store closing sale, oiling our hardwood floors, computer work at home.
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 79°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Lucky Brand perforated suede tee, vintage belt, Kelsi Dagger bag, Crocs Cyprus V sandals, cutoff mens' Cult of Individuality Hagen jeans shorts. 

I am just one of those people who love wearing leather - I have some vegan friends who disapprove, but I'm a carnivore and a leather addict. Leather boots, jackets, coats, and bags all speak to the side of me that wants to think I'm tough and seasoned - lucky for me, we have another season embracing suede for Spring and Summer!

Although some people find the nubby nap of suede to be a distinctly autumnal texture, I think suede is perfect for the warmer months, because you don't have to worry so much about it soaking up water stains. I still do give my summery suedes a cursory spray with waterproofer, though, just in case of perspiration or the occasional drink spill. 

For me, the key to wearing suede in Spring or Summer is to keep the weight light and the color palette of the outfit cheerful - a heavy black jacket would look and feel discordant on a hot summer's day. This yellow number is not only paper-thin and totally sunny, but the perforations also add a breezy element while the whip-stitched details provide a Western element that's perfect for dusty, desert heat.