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Catching Rae

Leopards and Tigers and Crocs

Occasion: Packing a client for a trip
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 89°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Vintage Jeri Marque top (birthday gift from my BFF!), McGuire jeans, Saturno silver tiger charm, RAIL aviator sunnies from Nordstrom, Crocs Cyprus V

The heat wave continues, yet I had to bend and lift and load up suitcases and a car, so bootie-flashing shortie pants were out of the question. Loose-fitting rayon and super comfortable, all-day sandals to the rescue! 

The shirt was a bday gift that I've been waiting for warmer weather to wear, as its oversized fit and huge sleeves are not conducive to layering - they are, however, very conducive to moving and sweating, so it finally found a perfect debut moment. The rayon fabric was great for breathability and also draped well enough to reign in the volume with a retro knot at the waist. 

Crocs Cyprus V  available here . 

Crocs Cyprus V available here

For foot ventilation, I was super excited to bust out my Valentines Day Crocs! The Husband helped me choose them when I needed comfortable standing shoes for a live musical performance. I've been a longtime fan of Crocs comfort, but one can sometimes wait a very long wait for an intersection of style and proper fit. I'd been eyeing the 70s clog-like Cyprus since it seems like Fashion and I have both decided to like clogs again - and luckily this time the stars aligned. ;)

Crocs Cyprus IV  available here

Crocs Cyprus IV available here

Since the store was having a Buy One, Get Up To Two Free sale for Presidents' Day, I tried on everything they had on offer in store, and the Cyprus were the only ones that worked for my narrow feet and high arches - but MAN, do they work! I was able to walk several blocks to and from the car and stand all night comfortably. They are what Crocs calls Standard Fit, so there is no extra room built into the shoe for wider feet, meaning that my feet also don't slide forward like they do in so many sandals. I also often have a problem with odd arch placement that forces my long toes over the edge of the shoe no matter how long the footbed is, and this was thankfully not the case here. Sizing is a bit inconsistent, however; I needed an 8 in the Cyprus V model and a 9 in the Cyprus IV model.  I have no affiliation with Crocs and paid the regular sale price for my purchases. 

Last but not least, I wanted to riff on the tiger theme, so I brought out one of my most beloved possessions: this silver Saturno tiger charm I brought home from my honeymoon. The Husband and I spent hours choosing just the right one from the famous bridge in Florence, and we finally fell in love with this little guy. I have tried my darnedest to acquire a brother for him since, but sadly Saturno is quite rare and expensive in the US. 

So there you have it: an outfit that started with practical butt-coverage and got topped off with a big ol' pile of whimsical cats. Just more proof that housework, chores, and heavy lifting does not have to be done in a pair o' uglies.