Subliminal Style
Effortless. Authentic. Professional.

Catching Rae


Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 68°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Nara Camici shirt (flea market), St. John Caviar pencil skirt (flea market), Specialchoice handbag (Ebay), Matisse booties (Shoemall).

Holy cats, people. Do you watch Westworld? If you don’t, you need to start binge-watching immediately. For serious. It has it all: adventure, romance, robots, horses, boobies, and such elegant storytelling it just leaves me grinning like an idiot every single episode.

It also seems to have made me want to wear Western-inspired ruffles, which is no mean feat!

Historically, I’ve really hated the way I look in women’s Western wear, especially anything that looks like it comes from the prairie. Not only did it feel too overtly sweet, feminine, and Puritanical to me, but it also made me feel distinctly “out of place” because of my dark skin and mixed features.


Westworld turns all of that on its head for me helping me imagine a Western storyline where “I don’t have to be the damsel.” Suddenly, prairie-inspired details feel much more edgy, exciting, and encompassing – I’m no longer referencing the historical West; I’m referencing a fictional, dystopic future (and you know how I love a fictional, dystopic future).

That’s one thing I have always loved about clothing: the meanings, references, and combinations do not exist in a vacuum. Just when you think everything’s been done before, the cultural landscape shifts and opens up a chasm of new possibilities!

As one year winds down and another looms on the horizon, it’s very useful to take a moment and reflect on events, stories, exhibits, interactions, and memories that have moved you and helped shape your character over the past 12 months. There might be something significant in there that will help you tweak your style just so, so that you always project your truest self.

After all, our relationships with the outside world our ever-changing and help keep us feeling alive, current, interested – and interesting.