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Catching Rae

Season's Greenings


Occasion: Family visits, hoiday party
Outdoor Temps: 65°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Sundance velvet blazer (Ebay), Uniqlo Heattech tee (Uniqo), Express necklace (thrift store), amber necklace (local street fair), Lucky Brand "Lolita" skinnies (Amazon), vintage crossbody (flea market), Timberland booties (can't remember), plaid carf (flea market)

Just because nobody dresses up anymore, it doesn't mean that I can't wear velvet for the holidays!

You may recall that I added his blazer late this summer and have been wearing it as fun topper with dresses in the evenings. Now that it's finally cool - and even COLD (finally!) - I can get even more wear out of this baby by pairing it with plenty of warm, insulating layers.



This particular day would have been too cool for this outfit under normal circumstances, but I got away with it for a few reasons:

You don't always need a whole new wardrobe for the changing seasons - and you don't always need to feel like a puffy marshmellow man when you layer up for warmth. These days there are lots of options to keep toasty and warm without the bulk. Also check out Icebreaker merino wool layers and Eddie Bauer's Radiator fleece sweaters.

 I paid full price or my items and received no discounts unavailable to the general public. I am not affiliated with any of these brands, and I will generate no commission from this post or the links herein.