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Catching Rae

Fleece. Lined. Pants.


Occasion: Family Visits

Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 60°F
Activity Level: Moderate

Wearing: Lululemon Urbanite Blazer (Lulu), vintage beaded turtleneck (Goodwill), Uniqlo heattech baselayer (not shown, Uniqlo), Uniqlo Blocktech pants (Uniqlo)

I've owed fleece-lined leggings, tights, and jeggings before, and I'm finally the proud owner of some Uniqlo fleece-lined pants! 

I was pretty skeptical about these when I first saw them online, and I ad mit that I had a bit of a hard time parting with $40 for something that sounds so gear-ish - but with some cold weather and outdoor activities planned, I closed my eyes and handed over the cashola. Now that I've had the chance to test the pants out in temps ranging from 38-65 degrees, I'm very glad I did!


 These Blocktech Slim-Fit Pants are a bit of a revolution: all the warming powers of your favorite ugly camping pants combined with the sleek and pseudo-dressy look of your favorite wool slacks. The material feels kind of like a windbreaker or stormshell, but not so much that it can't blend in with regular clothes. The textured gray option looks even more like wool, but my local store did not have my size in stock. This style is true to size (for reference, I wear a small in these and a medium in both the Heattech leggings and the Heattech pants), with a high rise and adjustable drawstring inside the button fly closure. 

As for performance, these pants tested wonderfully in cool weather - I honestly didn't take them off for three days straight. They kept me cozy on the airplane, walking around outdoor shopping centers, and while waiting for a freezing car to warm up. I would say that they are a bit too warm for significant physical activity, since the fleece will prevent perspiration from evaporating quickly. In truly freezing temperatures, I'd also suspect that you would either need to pair the pants with a true winer coat (as opposed to my light jacket) or some high-tech insulation. 

In short, if you're looking for some seriously warm bottoms that don't require you to cram an extra layer under your skinny jeans, you may want to give the Blocktechs a try! Currently on sale for $30 at 

I paid full price for my pants, and I am not affiliated with Uniqlo. I will generate no commission from this post or the links herein.