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Date Night

Occasion: Date night with The Husband
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 65°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Doma leather jacket (Ebay), Becca coverup-cum-tunic (Nordstrom Rack), Express necklace (flea market), Free People "Skylar" jeans (Zappos), Apepazza booties (diy from old boots), Brahmin saddle bag (Ebay)

Sometimes the standard "date night outfit" advice just doesn't compute for The Husband and me - we are much more likely to take a 3 mile walk for froyo than to go out for a fancy dinner and a movie. So my "date" outfits usually end up something like this:

  • casual - so I don't make him too uncomfortable.
  • walkable - so I can keep up with his big strides!
  • breathable - because I don't "glow;" I sweat.
  • layered - just in case we get killed by the a/c or walk on the beach afterward.

Honesty, though, doesn't that sound like an outfit you might wear to walk the dog or hike the grand canyon? Sometimes even a comfortable outfit needs a bit of a sassy touch to keep us happy (and remind The Husband how adorable I am)... 

With this in mind, I try to always make sure my casual jeans make me look long and leggy, and that I have an ample supply of heeled shoes that can also be comfortable for a bit of a walk. My breathable tops are sometimes still t-shirts - but when I want to feel more feminine, I also stock fitted jersey tops and semi-sheer blouses like this green tunic. For my top layers, I always use leather spray or some kind of scotch guard so that I never have to leave in a sweatshirt out of fear of destroying a "nice" item. 

There is no rule that says a date outfit has to be too precious to move in - nor is there any rule stating that a comfortable outfit has to be as casual and frumpy as possible! To me, it makes much more sense to plan for the types of events that you enjoy and make sure your cute clothes are up to the challenge. 

What types of challenges do you have? Do you have a fast-walking SO and tend to hit yourself with food, like I do?

PS: The Husband was kind enough to snap my photos today, and I couldn't help but include this last photo of me trying to explain how to take an outfit detail shot! LOL!