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Catching Rae

Abacus Arabesque (inspired by my VLM pendant!)

Occasion: Networking Luncheon
Dress Code: Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 90°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: My new VLM Abacus Pendant necklace!! (VLM), Fuzzi wrap dress (Ebay), tortoise bracelets (gift from mom), Brahmin saddlebag (Ebay), Earthies "Saravena" pumps (Ebay)

This outfit takes a bit of a left turn to show a different side of me... But before we get to that, I'd first like to gush that I finally decided on my first purchase from VLM jewelry: this fuchsia Abacus Pendant Necklace!

VLM's Vanessa Arthur was a featured Woman of Style here on the blog back in August, and since then I've been sort of tongue-tied trying to choose between all the different styles. But when Vanessa texted me that her she released this Bronze Abacus Pendant Necklace in fucshia, I knew it was the one I'd ben waiting for. It's gorgeous, feminine, edgy, modern - and it's a freakin' abacus. I almost wish all the electronics would die for a day so I could start counting things on my necklace. :D

I first wore my Abacus Pendant with an asymmetrical red top to join Vanessa at the Band of Vices pop up gallery, curated by the multi-talented friend Terrell Tilford (follow this gent for upcoming projects). I loved that outfit, and I think the fuchsia stones look nice with red...

...but today, I looked at the pendant, and I looked at this dress (yes, I did acquire more mesh)... and suddenly the print reminded me of fractal images! I just couldn't resist the combo, so today I'm a somewhat uncharacteristic explosion of color and print. And math. I'm not sorry.

While I'm pretty sure no one else I encountered today thought of fractals when they saw my dress, this is a fun example of how a statement piece that resonates with you on a core level can inspire new, unexpected outfit combinations to entertain your brain whilst covering your body. These little "lightbulb" moments keep us excited about our clothes (and ourselves!) and prevent us from falling into that dreaded rut. 

So there you have it: killer jewelry is good for the mind, body, and soul! Stop by VLM and follow @VLMjewelry to check out the wares and for dates on upcoming trunk shows, just in time to kick off the holiday gift season! 

I purchased my VLM pendant with a Friends & Family discount, but I am not an affiliate for VLM and will not generate any commission from this post or the links therein. All my gushy words are my own.