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Catching Rae

How Berry

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Creative Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 71°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Reference vintage dress (Goodwill), My Tribe striped leather jacket (Ebay), Jas M. B. London bag (flea market), Via Spiga booties (flea market), spike necklace (dollar store?)

This outfit is a fun example of how high- and low-end shopping can come together for the greater good. I always love a deal - but with deal-hunting sometimes comes a little bit of brand snobbery... cuz why just get 50% off retail when you can get 98% off? It's a sickness, I know...

But the point of my story is that I do sometimes fall in love with totally random pieces that have next to no street value left. This dress was $8 and so old that the size tag was completely faded away, plus the front was stretched out and baggy like someone had stepped on it - but the color and texture was just so pretty! I took it straight home, and cut the tags off so I could wear it backward as a "hi-lo" dress, baggy-stretched-out parts and all. 

To go with the crinkle print dress, I knew I had to use my crackled-leather bag from the flea market - this baby was $5, and little did I know when I bought it that the brand retails for over $300! The Husband even asked how in the world I was going to restore the "damage" to the leather and couldn't understand why I'd buy such a thing. 

The shoes and jacket are designer deals I've shared here before, but the little necklace is a totally cheap $1 set that I am pretty sure came from the dollar store. It even has matching earrings that I sometimes wear on their own. :)

Shopping secondhand and shopping retail both have their benefits and limitations, but I always feel that the former creates a lot of opportunity for the latter - which is always A-OK in my book.