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Pre-Holiday Workshop & Swap Party

Partiers enjoying swapped items after the workshop

Partiers enjoying swapped items after the workshop

This weekend was such an amazing time! Some of you were able to come to my Summer Style Workshop back in June - and this time, we were able to do a similar program for a private party! A small group of friends came together for a fun image workshop and to "shop for free" by trading clothes and accessories with one another. It was a smart and vibrant group! 

She found a new dress with the tags still attached!

She found a new dress with the tags still attached!

One of my favorite things about these workshops is how the group setting creates intelligent conversations about image, opportunities for real-time feedback from trusted sources, and a sounding board for new ideas. It makes me crazily happy to be a part of an event where women can freely compliment one another on colors and styles that they may not have considered before.

I also love being there for the group to talk out issues like whether or not a new piece will mix well into their existing wardrobes, and how to get a better fit. 

At this party, we even had an impromptu bra fitting where a partier got measured on the spot and even got to try on a different size of bra!

If you have never attended a swap party before, the ones I organize go like this:

  • Mixing and mingling beforehand
  • A Style Workshop to help get partiers clear on their "shopping" goals for the upcoming season.
  • A boutique-style shopping structure - I prefer the "fitting room experience" to timers and taking turns. 
  • Pinning, fit, and alterations advice.

If you're interested in having a Style Workshop, Swap Party, or combo event for your group, please contact me!