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Catching Rae

Blue Christmas (In October)

Occasion: Client Appointment
Dress Code: Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 94°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: James Perse dress (flea market), vintage watch necklace (MO flea market), Tory Burch tote (Goodwill Boutique), Matisse "Vixen" booties (Shoemall), silver bracelets (gifts from mom, a friend), Alex Evenings sheer blue blazer (early Christmas gift from the BFF)!

I recently put out a list of reasons it's awesome to do holiday shopping early - but I totally forgot one! When you've done your shopping early, you can totally agree to Christmas in October when your friend says you'll get more use out of your gift RIGHT NOW!

I've been obsessed with finding clothes involving blue roses for a few years now (thanks to my twin obsession with Twin Peaks), but I have never found anything sufficiently dark and mysterious looking. Thank heaven for BFFs, because mine totally changed my life with this jacket, which not only features a blue rose print, but is also made of sheer black chiffon with velvet detailing. So it's not just my blue rose jacket... it's my Blue Velvet Rose Jacket. Such a perfect gift from my partner in disturbing-film-watching. :D

I wore this exact outfit two days in a row - not only because I love it that much, but also because it was perfect for our recent 90+ degree weather. It's warm enough to kill the chill in the mall or a lunch meeting, and it's cool enough that I didn't have to keep stripping the jacket off every time I stepped outside. 

I wanted the jacket to be the main star of this show, so I chose a gray dress to layer under. I had ideas for a black or teal under-layer, but I realized that that wouldn't showcase the sheer fabric enough. From there, I pulled out some vintage silver jewelry that echoes the dark-n-stormy vibe of the blue, black, and gray combo. The pointed toe booties play off the other black textures and also keep the outfit modern.

Now the only question is: how many times can I wear it before it gets too cold?? 

Every time I think of this jacket, I'm going to think about the mysteries of the universe, rare and beautiful things, and the rare and beautiful people who mystify my with their presence in my little ol' life. 

<3 <3 <3