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Catching Rae

Purple People, Two Ways

Occasion: Client Returns, Meeting
Dress Code: Business Casual
Outdoor Temps: 94°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Olivia Moon blazer (flea market), Helmut Lang dress (Nordstrom), pulley necklace (DIY), Vaneli cat shoes (Zappos), Tory Burch bag (Goodwill Boutique)

I stopped by my good friend Amanda's place after work the other day, and since we're both clothes people, we were super tickled by the fact that we were both wearing purple! So today I wanted to share both our outfits with an eye toward demonstrating how different parts of an outfit come together to change the overall message of your image.

Purple is the color of wealth, quality, fantasy, and creativity. Although we are both wearing purple dresses, the supporting pieces of Amanda and my outfits are pretty different. Since I was dressed for work, my "outfit formula" looks something like this:

  • Purple dress - quality, creativity
  • Blue blazer - dependability, honesty, business-y
  • Cat shoes & pulley necklace - quirky, outgoing, "come talk to me"
  • Gold bag with brand logo - value, prestige, wisdom, "success"

Amanda's outfit leverages some of the same ideals, along with different ones:

  • Purple dress - quality, creativity
  • Snake print - earthy, "cool" temperament (like a reptile), rock n' roll
  • Red vest - high energy, strength, "notice me"
  • Crystal necklace - intuition, sensitivity
  • OTK leather boots - trendy, sassy, edgy

So there you have it: Purple people, two ways. I hope this example helps demonstrate how our brains filter and interpret visual cues, and how two people wearing the same color can send overlapping - yet completely individual - messages.

Happy Friday! We'll see you next week!