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Catching Rae

Three Days in the Rain

Occasion: Errands, flea market hunting, sight seeing
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Outdoor Temps: 50°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Burberry London trench, Talbots diamond print denim dress, Uniqlo Heattech tank, Uniqlo Extra-Warm Heattech tights, Rockport Anna Moto boots, Brahmin Vivian Vineyard bag.

So, I wore this outfit three days in a row... because a) I really needed a change from my skinnies-and-knee-boots cold-weather uniform, b) I found this combo both flattering and comfortable, and c) with all that mysterious moisture falling from our LA skies, I couldn't get a good OOTD shot! Horrors.

I like dresses as an alternative to skinny jeans since they still allow me to wear boots to keep my legs warm. In this case, I chose my waterproof boots, the longest dress, longest raincoat, and warmest tights in order to bundle up even more.  

The fun thing is that, between all my layers, I didn't feel the need for a hat or scarf, which was kind of a revelation since we have been seeing record low temps of late. If you haven't tried Uniqlo's Heattech line and are feeling the chill, those items are little miracles at totally reasonable prices. The tops in particular really hold heat to your core and layer perfectly without adding bulk, lumps, or bumps. 

I also have to say: I used to be a huge skeptic when it came to cotton trench coats, unwilling to believe that cotton could ever match the rain-repelling powers of space-age polymers coated in DWR. However, the sheer gorgeousness of Burberry tailoring wore me down until I gave them a try, and this baby honestly sheds water like a duck - without that plastic-y ripstop swishing noise and while making me feel like a dashing warrior detective. Huzzah for gabardine!

In this case, the right gear made all the difference in enabling a different look for some redundant weather. If you are feeling some winter boredom, why not look into some base layers to see if they might help shake things up? Aside from Uniqlo, check out Icebreaker (awesome merino wool), Land's End (long undies!), Smartwool (killer socks), and Wintersilks (for those who need natural fibers and can't wear wool).