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Catching Rae

Whatalotta Waffle-Stomper

Occasion: Flea market, errands, lunch
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 63°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: Structure beanie, Nordstrom RAIL sunnies, junior's scarf I've had for years, Three Dots hoodie, Eileen Fisher coated cotton Hooded A-Line jacket, James Perse t-shirt dress, Uniqlo heattech layering tank, Uniqlo heatteck extra-warm leggings, Chocolat Blu Miah boots, Nine West snake bag. 

I just told y'all about my fabulous boot transformation at Carson Shoe Repair & Dry Cleaning the other day, and here's how I took 'em to the streets.

Between the laces, color, and platform, these are the statement shoes to end all statement shoes - they honestly almost exude more personality than I have as a person, making it a bit of a trick to wear them without feeling like kind of a poser. My goal was to balance the weight and match the vibe of these boots without adding any more overtly edgy doodads. 

The look stays urban with layered neutral hoodies, and the heaviness is somewhat offset by the voluminous leather-look coat and knit accessories. Adding lighter grays into the mix also helps balance the explosion of gray corset laces on my shins. 

In the future, I'm excited to make these shoes a textural counterpoint to some of my basic leather jackets, flowy tunics, and edgy dresses. See you in the waffle stompers!