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Catching Rae

Is that a real poncho? Or is that a Sears poncho?

Oh yes, this is a real poncho - not just handmade, but hand-woven. I have yet to get the details of the artist (because y'all, this thing is so cool it didn't even come with tags), but I promise I will get off my backside and find out for you soon. For now, let it be known that my Stepmom has shopping super powers. :)

The difficulties of finding the perfect poncho include:

  • Volume - a voluminous garment by definition, many overwhelm average-to-short people. 
  • Length - the wrong length will skew proportions or chop you off at an unflattering spot.
  • Drape - some traditional blanket-style weaves can be dense and almost stiff, which can look awkward on a less angular frame. 
  • Weight - the wrong fabric can simply be too warm - or literally too heavy - to wear all day as part of an outfit. Depending on how you drape it, a heavy one can also get tight and uncomfortable around the neck.
  • Pattern - large-scale blanket patterns look super cool and vintage-tastic... but large prints can also overwhelm too small a frame.

Happily, this poncho presents none of those difficulties! It's a loose weave that is easy to drape multiple ways thanks to its light weight and angled bottom. The length is also perfect since it neither hits at my widest parts nor swallows me up to my ankles. The gorgeous marled texture of teal, olive, and rust is also perfectly easy to wear with all my favorite colors. 

My only moment of confusion came when I had to figure out how to carry a bag when swathed in one of these contraptions. The first time I wore the poncho out, I ran out of pondering time and ran out the door with a handheld tote. But since most of my bags hang from the shoulder, I had to figure it out - eureka! Bag goes under the poncho. Easy. Conveniently secure. Done and done. 

Best of all? In California, I need to hurry up and wear most of my outerwear before the weather gets too warm... but I can tell this magical and mysterious poncho will do just fine year-round. 

So yeah, who knew? I am totally a poncho lady now.