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Catching Rae

A Moment of Silence in Highly Neurotic Pants

Occasion: Mourning, relaxing, reflecting
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 55°F
Activity Level: Low
Wearing: Ancient scarf from the Rack, Helmut lang sweater, Uniqlo Heattech tank, Samba McKay pants, Kenneth Cole Reaction booties, Nine West bag.

Waving at Terry for her awesome comment yesterday that these pants aren't just distressed, they are "highly neurotic." What a perfect description for tie-dyed, shredded, lime green flares. 

These pants are a bit of a challenge to wear - because they are, after all, highly neurotic. But here they are in an outfit that says, "Yes, actually, it is the end of the world." Because it's totally okay to be neurotic when the world ends, and because it kind of is the end of the world when David Bowie passes on. 

I've said my piece about this great performer before, so  I will conclude by saying that this somewhat scary outfit was chosen in tribute to a fearless fashion icon.