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Reaching New Heights with Carson Shoe Repair

For many a year, my world has been conspicuously absent a fabulous cobbler - but 2016 is about to become the year of the shoe, because Carson Shoe Repair and Dry Cleaning just turned my wild boot fantasy into reality. 

Hold onto your hats.

Chocolat Blu Miah, photo found    here   .

Chocolat Blu Miah, photo found here.

I've had these Chocolat Blu Miah boots for a few years, and I love them - LOVE them! They were a steal as less expensive version of an Ann Demeulemeester boot that retailed for $730... which I had been coveting since, like, 2008. The Chocolat Blus fit my calves perfectly and were a ton of fun to wear, except for the fact that the heel was not comfortable for me. 

Ahem, yes, in fact it is a ridiculously low heel. Wait, I can explain. Have you ever tried walking around in flippers? Or clown shoes? The muscles in the tops of your feet get tired after awhile, and you tend to trip a lot. That's what it's like for me and my big ol' feet all. the. time. unless I wear a 2-3" heel. So although I super duper loved my boots, their relative flatness thwarted my evil plans to wear them all day, every day. 

Up until now, I had not found anyone that I trusted to do what I wanted to do: raise the heel to get as close as possible to my target heel-toe pitch. But between the stellar Yelp reviews and meticulous photographic records on the CSR&DC Instagram site, I was sold. 

When I went in, George patiently listened to my hair-brained scheme and then clearly explained what he could do, what he couldn't, why it had to be that way, how he would execute the job, and how much it would cost. It was $85, but considering the fact that he basically re-engineered something that had such an emotional pull on me, I was game. Merry Christmas to Rae, from Rae! 

In the end, George created (yes, created, because he custom-fabricated the piece himself) a wedge to add the stability needed to raise the pitch as much as possible, and he also beveled the bottom of both the heel and toe areas to make it easier for me to walk. They were ready completely on-time, fully shined, and he had me put them on to test them before I left. I could not have been any happier!

I have not worn them out yet because of the holiday, but watch out for me tomorrow. It's on.

If you ever need anything done to your shoes in the greater Los Angeles area - especially something weird - don't hesitate to try Carson and support a super sweet local business owner with the chops to get 'er done.