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Catching Rae

Sporty Floral

 Occasion: Flea market, garden hike, lunch, movie date
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 74°F
Activity Level: High
Wearing: Nicole Miller tank, Free People cage bra, Adidas shorts, Nike sneaks, Raen sunnies, Tignanello bag

I love this Nicole Miller print because it’s abstract and a bit moody. Just like me. ;) But I feel really uncomfortable in ditsy florals and traditional cabbage rose prints, for example. Florals can be very girly, soft, or bohemian - but they don’t have to be! Be patient when choosing a floral print, and wait for the ones that really speak to you.

If you feel the urge to add some non-traditional summer flora to your wardrobe but aren’t sure where to start, try searching for: 

• photo florals
• landscape prints
• your favorite flowers by name (iris, bromeliad, orchid, jasmine, lotus, tulip...)
• abstract florals
• watercolor florals
• oilpaint florals
• a favorite place (jungle, tropics, meadow...)
• “mirrored” florals
• a favorite designer/brand
• fantastic colorings (blue roses, neon daisies...)