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Catching Rae

Manspiration: The Joker Is Not a Clown

Occasion: Walk in the park, coffee, Target shopping

Dress Code: Casual

Outdoor Temps: 74°F

Activity Level: Moderate (cat litter and TP lifting, walking on uneven ground)

Wearing: DIY shirt dress, camo bag from Downtown, Tsubo sandals, Lululemon jacket

Here I’ve used Heath Ledger’s version of The Joker but, as a character with a long history, The Joker does have something of a signature look throughout his appearances: purple, green, suits, waistcoats, neckties, pinstripes, wallet chains, leather gloves, oxford shoes, geometric patterns. Looking at that list of attributes alone, one might picture an uptight throwback of a dandy. Add to that the makeup, wear-and-tear, granades - and isn’t The Joker something of a disappointed dandy after all? 

Look, he may be referred to as a clown by folks in Gotham, but this dude is surely no clown. There’s no foppery here - no oversized balloon pants and polka dots. The Joker decks himself out in rigid lines, unforgiving tailoring, expensive velvets, custom shirts buttoned up to the neck and tied in place for good measure... then left to rot in the rain. His entire visual aspect is one of shattered ideals and failed structure, of molding urban royalty. The big joke isn’t simple suffering; it’s suffering after hope for grand things.

So! What does all this mean for us regular folk, who don’t want to watch the world burn? 

• Opposing visuals provide commentary 

• Multiple, rich colors feel decadent

• Tailored clothing exudes conservatism

• Textural fabrics suggest luxury

• Multiple patterns generate a feeling of chaos

• Distressing evokes nostalgia

In my own outfit, I paired a homemade silk dress (sewn from a $1 men’s shirt) with my Lululemon activewear jacket and metallic camo print bag, using The Joker’s signature color pairing and pattern mixing to strike a chord that is kind of absentminded-sporty-luxe. 

Oh yes, and then I photographed myself in the park bathroom. Just for a laugh. ;)