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Catching Rae

Summer Gets the Boot

Occasion: Supervising delivery for client, shipping, household chores, work at home, and an afternoon walk to the library.
Dress Code: Casual
Outdoor Temps: 87°F
Activity Level: Moderate
Wearing: RDI maxi, Lush tank, Fly London chelsea boots, B. Makowsky satchel, vintage necklace.

It's not really boot weather here yet, even with Pumpkin Spice Everything on the menu at Starbucks and the first official day of Fall on the books for tomorrow. Bootie weather is open to some interpretation, though - e.g. if I'm not completely uncomfortable in my booties, then I will wear them, because I really really love all boots and their truncated cousins. Also, booties create some of that autumnal ambiance while still being wearable at higher temperatures. 

For this outfit, I needed to be able to stomp around a great deal, so I insisted on these Chelsea boots, which are not only seasonally appropriate but also pretty darn trendy. Next, I pulled out my maxi for breezy, earth-toned coverage and paired it with a tunic-like tank as a nod to the long-over-long proportions we're seeing on the horizon for the true F/W wearables. 

And finally, I went with a metallic green bag and a minimal silver necklace. Because... um... metal is cold, and Winter is cold, and all that flowery, frilly, foliage-y stuff dies in Fall? Yes. Something like that. 

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