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Re-post: Uniqlo Dry Fit & Miracle Air

This review was originally posted on June 9, 2015 - but in light of the recent heat, and since I had to move the post here anyway, and since the Air Jeans (and a smattering of Dry Fit items) are still available, I opted to re-post it as a current item.

I had been dying to test out Uniqlo’s warm weather products for men ever since I saw them online, and I finally broke down and trekked out to a brick and mortar store when I realized they were not going to release girlie versions any time soon. As a gal married to a man who wears shorts 99% of the time because jeans are too hot, I knew that full-coverage clothing in cooling fabrics were a killer idea - but how would they fare in real life? 

First, we have to talk about the Skinny Fit Tapered Air Jeans. Although I groused at the fact that skinny fit is the only current option, I was pleased to find that the fit is not at all skin-tight skinny. When I compared these to the straight leg jeans in regular fabrication, in fact, the leg openings were only the tiniest bit narrower. Here I am wearing a rolled-up size 32x32 (normally a women’s 27); since men generally don’t have as much booty and thigh action as women, I feel confident in saying these will not make you feel like you’re wearing tights. Also try sizing up if you like a looser fit, since tailoring a waist is an easy and inexpensive task, because these jeans feel wonderful. They are light and move with you while still feeling soft and breathable against the skin - none of that itchy, steamy feeling of cheap denim with too much spandex. I purchased the dark wash as a gift. 

I am also wearing the Dry Lightweight Jacket in XS, which I also found true to size based on the size chart. Again, the fabric feels amazing when compared to the usual suit jackets lined in slippery polyester fabric that steams you like a plastic bag when the temperatures rise. It feels like a lovely lightweight cotton yet resists wrinkling much better and maintains a casual-crisp appearance. If you have broad shoulders or very muscular arms, the fit may be too slim for you (unsurprising from a Japanese company), but the average-to-slim build should fit the piece well. I am very, very tempted to grab this item for myself. 

The Dry Flat Front Pants were also quite impressive in regards to fabric. I did not get a picture in these, but the fit was similar to that of Hugo Boss or a European brand like H&M. The fabric is not exactly the same as the Dry Jacket - it has a little more sheen to it, but it still feels very light and cool. If between sizes, go for the larger fit, especially in the lighter colors, to avoid pocket show-through.The only real downside here is that the colors do not match their Dry Jacket counterparts, which means that you can’t combine them to make a summer suit. If they had matched, I probably would have bought both and had them tailored to my female shape, because the fabric really is that comfortable. Uniqlo, if you ever read this, please do a matched set next time! For women, too!

If you’re looking for some fabulous summer casual wear at a great price (Fathers’ Day, anyone?) Uniqlo’s stuff definitely makes the grade. Their linen shirts looked and felt very sharp, too. And don’t forget to tell Dad to leave the tags on if he needs the pants hemmed - the salesperson let us know that they do FREE hemming on all bottoms $50 and over.