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Manspiration: When Two Words Are Too Much

Photos by Amanda Tczap

Photos by Amanda Tczap

If you aren’t familiar with The The, then seriously, quit reading this blog and go listen to “December Sunlight” immediately. Go! Go! 

Ok. So. Manspiration month continues, moving away from over-the-top styles to something more minimal - and with a band name like The The, one has to figure that Matt Johnson is one individual who understands understatement. Jeans. Shirt. Hm, head feels cold. Hat. Done. 

But just any old jeans, tee, and hat won’t do. Whether by accident or design, his looks are always simple enough to declare themselves of little consequence, yet specific enough to reflect the abrased, tedious struggles of a modern everyman. Listening to Johnson’s music is like struggling to bare one’s soul through a haze of white noise. Similarly, his jeans, tee shirts, simple leather bomber jackets, and retro-practical hats seem to say to me, “Well. The naked self is more honest, but the clothed self is what’s possible without getting arrested.” 

In honor of that attitude, I’ve donned all basics in muted tones - unadorned leather jacket, black tee, un-distressed jeans, boots, and my polarized driving sunnies - a bit of metal here and there in honor of urban stuff like subway cars, smoky pubs, and vintage amplifiers. 

PS: go buy Naked Self, because it’s one of the most beautiful albums of all time, no hyperbole needed.